Artist style: Experimental music

  • ASICOULD aka Sasha Very

    ASICOULD aka Sasha Very

    ASICOULD aka Sasha Very – is a Kyiv-based electronic musician, activist and artist originally from Luhansk. Sasha’s performances lately have less to do with “program music” than they did before […]

  • artem yy (oberezhno)

    artem yy (oberezhno)

    Bi-weekly radioshow by @sasha_tessio and @oberezhno on @gasolineradio. Support the show on Patreon, all the money will be donated to volunteer organisations helping people in Ukraine affected by the war. […]

  • Biorhythm


    Biorhythm was born by the first festival in Ukrainian rich nature in summer 2019. Later on in 2020 r Biorhythm met the urban space, endangered and distinctive, located in Kyiv’s […]

  • Boji Moroz

    Boji Moroz

    First meeting of the public Boji remembers from his performances at the Church of the Transformation in Kyiv. Boji during 2015-2018 visited baptist music band rehearsals where started to play […]

  • John Object

    John Object

    One of the key experimental artists of the Ukrainian electronic scene John Object came to the military registration office on February 25. With a smile he recalls: «There was a […]

  • lil4ehlil


    4ehol aka Lil4ehlil discovered music at 12-13 years old at the moment  of meeting with a person who showed him  the universes of rock and let the young artist hear […]

  • Maryana Klochko

    Maryana Klochko

    Maryana Klochko is a music producer, vocalist and film composer born in the small village of Lopatyn, which is still in Lviv, but very close to the Volyn region. Maryana […]

  • Max Svitlo

    Max Svitlo

    Max Svitlo is from Odessa,Ukraine. He works as an interdisciplinary artist and musician. Svitlo develops on a series of transformation performances over the past two years, including “ I Am […]

  • Щербина А.В.

    Щербина А.В.

    Сигнал из милиции (roughly translated as ‘The Sound from the Police’ and pronounced as ‘Signal iz Militsii’) is a project of the DJ, collector, and Kyiv legend Andriy Shcherbyna, also […]

  • Karabinovych


    Karabinovich – Born 1988, Odessa, Ukraine. lives and works between Brussels, Belgium and Kyiv, Ukraine. The artist works in a variety of media, including video, sound, text, and performance. In […]