artem yy (oberezhno)

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Artem yy aka oberezhno positions himself as a genre anarchist who expertly compiles different genres and styles.

Artem yy is from Pervomaisk, Luhansk region. Since 2013, he has been singing in a choir at a Baptist church. From 2013-2014 part of a band that explored Christian rock. When the war started in 2014, he moved to Kyiv and continued to experiment with instrumental music.

2018 was a key year for Artem yy  when he started to exchange with the Kyiv electronic music scene and dig music. In 2019, become a member of the multimedia project Biorhythm. From 2020 representative of the Kyiv electronic scene: Dzherelo (Kyiv, Ukraine), 20ft radio (Kyiv, Ukraine), ∄ (Kyiv, Ukraine).