Biorhythm was born by the first festival in Ukrainian rich nature in summer 2019. Later on in 2020 r Biorhythm met the urban space, endangered and distinctive, located in Kyiv’s geographical center, Wildlife Refuge Horbachykha. Due to the pandemic, the world faced internal problems, including air and water pollution. Finally, we feel how we are connected to resources. We all came up from the water. We are water. The water is vital for us. We all see the moon and the sun. We’re living in the dawn of the Universe and our time is short on the Earth. Surprisingly, we produce the matter that is the time killer of living. Plastic is not vital for us. Now we will show you the place. The secret was killing it. Only love can heal it. Come with us. Fall in love. They can’t love it. They corrupt it. You know who they are. They are pretending to be in a dialogue, but remain blind and greedy. It doesn’t matter. The matter is rhythms each of us creates. Who taught you to hate yourself? Respect yourself and everything around you. 

With great pleasure, Biorhythm introduces Horbachykha live session VOL II. You see it — the place exists. You love it — the place lives.