photo author: zeit_campus

John Object

One of the key experimental artists of the Ukrainian electronic scene John Object came to the military registration office on February 25. With a smile he recalls: «There was a long line». The same evening he held an hour-long stream on Instagram, during which he talked in English about the developments in Ukraine. And the next day he made a second attempt to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) — since then Timur Dzhafarov (real name) has been serving in the artillery. And he keeps a diary, including on Instagram. – info. from the article 

John Object –  is an experimental electronic musician from Kyiv. His work is mostly focused on finding beauty among the ugly, order among chaos, in the form of rough club/anti-club music.Its goal is to formulate a holistic vision of a new timbral space that would combine the sounds of traditional musical instruments – piano, violin, drum machine TR-808, with the real, physical sounds of human nature – breathing, moaning, screaming. John Object  was played on Схемa, Boiler Room, festivals Urvakan and Brave! Factory, was published on Mixmag та SFX. His two EPs Pre-Heat and Heat were released by Bio Future Laboratory. From February 25 2022 John Object became a Ukrainian soldier and ex-musician.

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