4ehol aka Lil4ehlil discovered music at 12-13 years old at the moment  of meeting with a person who showed him  the universes of rock and let the young artist hear every sound in another way. At that time 4ehol started to play drums and other percussion instruments. After school he entered in the brass section and played in the orchestra at the College of Culture and Arts in 2012 (Kyiv, UA). At the same time formed a rock band “The Electric Avalanche”

In 2020 was born 4ehol aka Lil4ehlil – “This nickname was invented by my friend Suhoy. He started calling me “chehol” because I did everything slowly (UA slang for doing things in a slow way, being late, etc. – chehlitsa), it was funny and unusual as a nickname, so I became a member of “pokr crew”.

4ehol and crew started to do rap, experimenting with sounds, producing some tracks.  4ehol aka Lil4ehlil performed at the party series “Zakeep”, Otel’ , mezzanine club (2020-2021) . Also debuted as a dj in exhibition space during the  opening “Mold Kid” by Plisetsky in Dzherelo art-pavilion (end of 2021, Kyiv, UA)