Max Svitlo

Max Svitlo is from Odessa,Ukraine. He works as an interdisciplinary artist and musician. Svitlo develops on a series of transformation performances over the past two years, including “ I Am The Lightning”, “A tale of a freak in the sun and a handsome man in the shade” and “Manichka” (“Mania”).

Each performance is a moment of transition from one quality to another. The action on the borderline between performance, ritual, and tragicomedy invites the audience to participate in the process of transformation with an open ending.

Max Svitlo opens the curtains of his future movie about war, love and sharing support. This future documentary film is in creation process by the Zatsarinnyi spouses – Maksym Zatsarinnyi aka Svitlo and Anna Zatsarinna aka Knyazna   (from Knyaz, kniaz or knez (Old Church Slavonic: кнѧзь) is a historical Slavic title, used both as a royal and noble title in different times of history and different ancient Slavic lands.)

Zatsarinnyi’s future film documents the time of a complete collapse of humanity and power of a common effort with a mix of a special “Love” ingredient . The story in the movie showcases how to find out internal power from personal Zatsarinnyi’s perspective who did non stop volunteering in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions .

One of the film’s authors, Max Svitlo tells us : “The film was inspired by a story of love despite the destruction of war.”. Despite the risk to her life, Anna came from Kazakhstan to Ukraine to be in those challenging times with Max Svitlo. During this period, the artist volunteered in Mykolaiv, when the city was actively shelled. After Anna’s arrival, a creative couple “Zatsarinnyi” was born  and the actual idea of the movie as well.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kherson, Anna and Maxim, together with the “Beauty Studio” team, went there with volunteer help. After they got to the village of Posad – Pokrovsky, where there was not a single surviving house, surprisingly, there were people who returned and repaired their houses. This courage of local people inspired the artists as well to stay in the village and help in the restoration process.

“There was a need for water and lighting, so we raised funds on our own to bring people water from Mykolaiv, and started making lighting and batteries in our workshop. Being there with the people brings us a desire to stay there and try to understand and record what is happening there. The fields are covered with the remains of unexploded rockets and the private houses  are in need of major repairs. We are able to make a film that will tell about our love and the place we found ourselves in, to try to convey the course of events and draw people’s attention to the problems and consequences of the war. We believe that together, with our joint efforts, we will be able to overcome this disease that has attacked us and disfigured our cities and towns, killed our friends, relatives, and local residents.”  – explains Max Svitlo.

On February 20, the couple will start shooting the documentary movie in the village of Posad – Pokrovsky. Local community brought the artists full support and allowed them to stay in their village and agreed on being filmed. 

However, to live and work there, artists wish to minimize the use of local resources. For this purpose it will be important to rather bring in that take from. The artists will buy firewood, food, hygiene products, candles, additional batteries, memory cards, etc. 

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Beauty studio is an artistic association and  art laboratory that was formed in the frontline zone in the south of Ukraine during the third month of the Russian invasion.
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