Panda, aka Masha Volkova

(born in 1991, Donetsk, Ukraine) is an artist and performer. She lives in Berlin from 2022, first time she moved in Kyiv was because of military actions in Donetsk in 2014, and after the full scale invasion on 24 February. Volkova moved to Berlin.
As a performer she looks for new ways to make the LGBTQ+ society and HIV-discrimination more seen. This is why her “dialogue with the society” could be characterized as an activity with multiple methods and deep social context. The main motivation of the artist’s artworks lies in the positive promotion of self-perception, creation of intense visual images and research of the volatile borders of human sexuality.
Her artworks have been published in more than 10 independent magazines such as German Pornceptual, Purplehaze, Der Tagesspiegel, Buro etc. For the exhibition in Dzherelo e Volkova created her first screen artwork, where she is both a director and an actress.