Plisetskiy – Born in 1999 in OTEL’ . From 2018 resident of Kyiv club Otel (Kyiv UA). In 2020 participant of the online marathon dedicated to the International Day against Homophobia with performance “Queen of Golden Rain” (Club Crest, Kyiv UA).  In 2020 design of costume “THE LAST CRUSADE” dedicated to the closing of the Crest Club. Presented his first performance  – “Fuck why I don’t see your changes bitch fucking pelt” on Coming Out of Isolation 2.0 , a long-term project of the IZOLYATSIA Foundation and the NGO “KyivPride”, which with the help of modern art contributes to the visibility of LGBT+ people, their full and equal inclusion in public life in 2020 (IZOLYATSIA, Kyiv UA). In 2020 Plisetskiy created the costume specially for the “Queer Gathering” on February 14  the iconic club Zhivot (Kharkiv, UA). In 2020 created the costume “Two-meter piece of shit” specially for the iconic Kyiv party series OSNOVA (Club Otel  , Kyiv UA). Plisetskiy first  urban performance at the exhibition opening “Violence: Everything Against You” in  2021 (Dzherelo, Kyiv UA). Personal Exhibition “Mold-Kid” curated by Wet-Hole ( Nikita Kadan,Alina Kleytman, Bogdana Ukraina) in 2021-2022 (Dzherelo, Kyiv, UA). 

Works as an multidisciplinary artist.  Skills: Face controle / Underground research / Video Art / Performance / Costume Design / Styling.