Taras Kamennoy

Taras Kamennoy is an artist. He was born in Kharkiv in 1985. Taras graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts (faculty of  monumental art). He was a scholar of the residence KulturKontakt Austria (Wien, Austria, 2017), as well as of Gaude Polonia residence (Program of the minister of the culture of Poland). Twice he was included  short list of the Pinchuk Art Prize. (2011, 2018). Taras was a participant of group exhibitions: Synthetic pain (ErmilovCenter. Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2021), Sztuczny bol (Toruń. Poland, 2020), «Neighbors.Warsaw Under Construction 10, VCRC (Cepelia Pavillion. Warsaw, Poland, 2018),  Paid color. Advertising, (Fluk, Wien, Austria, 2018) etc. He has come up with a number of successful projects like Body KHT, Building site (Piatykhatky, Ukraine, 2016), Paid color (Flat 14, Kyiv, Ukraine), I’m a Ukrainian worker (Labirint Gallery. Luiblin, Poland, 2016) etc.