Project style: Perfomance



    EXTRAORDINARY QUEER -CABARET – the cabaret format which in its formation became the first professional platform for such marginalized groups as street chanson singers will also acceptqueer performers deprived of […]

  • Dzherelo Beauty Bar

    Dzherelo Beauty Bar

    On the occasion of the closing of the exhibition series Bodies in the City, we offered you the opportunity to reincarnate by visiting our one-day beauty bar Dzherelo. At your […]

  • How to become an artist

    How to become an artist

    Opening program of the exhibition “In the work to die” Master class from Borys Kashapov and Lesia Kulchynska “How to become an artist”. More and more creative and ambitious people […]

  • To be myself

    To be myself

    To be myself. Sooner or later I will stop being myself and become something else. MAKE UKRAINE QUEER AGAIN  DONATE NOW On November 4, at “Dzherelo” unique event – a […]

  • Web Cam Dora

    Web Cam Dora

    Screening of Barbora Kleingamplova’s film “Irresistible” and web performance for webcam model Dora. Kyiv 2021. Nowadays there are professions that are still commonly censored in our society, which are not […]

  • Children of the Katharsis

    Children of the Katharsis

    Everything is against you. The late capitalist environment shapes a citizen through complex, multi-layered and interdependent systemic violent practices. The post-Soviet environment makes these practices simpler and more outspoken. The […]