Blood from the Eyes: Ecology of the Visual

The first exhibition, Blood from Eyes, (authors — MNPL studio and Aurélie Bayad) is dedicated to the problem of visual ecology of the city space and the search of line, where adaptation to the aggressive environment turns into self-destruction. As well as the special pleasure of such self-destruction. The violence of the post-Soviet (un) taste forces one to either profoundly rebuild oneself to flee from the daily traumatic confrontation with the visual surrounding, or to surround oneself with the thick protective layer of irony, which simultaneously distances you from the catastrophe of the urban space and normalizes it. This is similar to the pleasure that the body gets from the cheapest synthetic food, through which one can flirt with the desire of self-harm. In the end, you can fill yourself with it and become like it, as well as fully mimic the “euro-standard» entourage and get in the contradictions withdrawal mode, when the word “post irony» is no more needed to explain the obvious.