Dzherelo Beauty Bar

On the occasion of the closing of the exhibition series Bodies in the City, we offered you the opportunity to reincarnate by visiting our one-day beauty bar Dzherelo. At your service: Mikhail Koptev’s showroom, where you could look into the eyes of your shame and fear, trying on images of a provocative couturier. The maestro personally helped you with this by choosing a costume especially for you. Some items from the collections have been available for sale. Haircut by Taisia Povaliy (Tres Tois). If the experience of objectification didn’t frighten you but intrigues you, the artist Tres Tois made you feel like an art object. Manicure by Borys Kashapov, Only for men (Anti)discriminatory action-painting on your nails. We know you’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.