Karabinovych – music

Karabinovych – music

In Odesa since 2008 Nikolay Karabinovych х Alexey Volusunov founded a multimedia duo “Tamara” with whom they debuted in the club “Shafa”. This music project is aimed at the development of underground electronic music and the building of the local community. “Tamara” further influenced the formation of the city’s alternative music scene. Afterwards they continued the traveling case of “Tamara” in Odesa and Kyiv. Tamara’s wave of inspiration gave birth to the next generation of Odessa’s experimental electronic scene.

At the same time, Karabinovych was engaged in research and development of exclusive Balkan music. Conducted music research through direct meetings with musicians and activists in Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Romania in 2009 – 2013. In the future, he scaled this project with performances in the EU.

From 2015 in Odessa Nikolay Karabinovych co-founder of a community bar “Dizyngoff” (surname of the first mayor of Tel-Aviv) . The space was aimed to create a series of public events due to permanent development and encouragement of the local scene and creation of new possibilities for the upcoming young Odessian experimental powerful way of making electronic music. “Dizyngoff ” events program was opening to the local public a unique Mediterranean oriental x Transdnieper Ukrainian sounds with such names as Mehmet Aslan (Berlin), Andrew Thomson from HUNTLEYSPALMERS (Glasgow), Krossfingers (Kyiv).

Nikolay Karabinovych from 2016 started to experiment with different audio x visual mediums. Karabinovych started to represent multimedia works in M HKA ( Antwerp, Belgium), PinchukArtCentre (Kyiv, Ukraine), Sonsbeek Quadrennial “Conjunctions” (Arnhem, Netherlands).

In parallel Karabinovych aka Dj Albert Heijn was a traveling and spreading the voice of unique Odessian view on electronic experimental sound in such international radios as Red Light Radio ( Amsterdam, Netherlands), Dzherelo (Kyiv, Ukraine), Kiosk Radio (Brussels), 20ft radio (Kyiv, Ukraine).