The Fall of Binarity: Gender

The fall of binarity or the era of late binarity is the definition that we propose for the time we live in. The old order of things is still strong but at the same time it’s already

doomed. Active minority is coming out from hiding, legally taking in its power tools, de-radicalizes itself, while acquiring influence, but at the same time keeps on the mask of shocking radicalism in the eyes of conservative majority. Resistance of the ancient regime’s supporters gets hysterical, and youth clearly sees who is the future and makes their own choices. Definitely, this world view is full of schemes and simplifications. But let’s make an attempt to fix it: gender binarity and heteronormative order still dominate, but at the same time they are setting down. 

Artworks of Masha Volkova and Jan Matýsek offer different perspectives on the decline of binarity. Video The sun and God’s blessing presents a mechanism of a number of rigged fantasies, which open an extremely exteriorized and sexualized image of “women’s” as a set of elements for collage, which are re-collected by author in an alternative order, taken under control and shown in their conditionality.