Web Cam Dora

Screening of Barbora Kleingamplova’s film “Irresistible” and web performance for webcam model Dora. Kyiv 2021.

Nowadays there are professions that are still commonly censored in our society, which are not openly discussed, the ones you should not tell or ask about. There is work that for some reason is considered obscene even by those who do it and who use it. We suggest that you reject prejudice and look at the dark side of the labor market without shame or judgment. You will discover many non-obvious things.

The film Irresistible was shot by Czech artist Barbora Kleingamplova in collaboration with Ms. Velvet. This work opens us the practice of BDSM as a subversive space where social change can arise. Ms. Velvet is a queer dominatrix from Chicago who graduated in Gender Studies with a focus on the African diaspora. Taking advantage of her dominant status, Ms. Velvet encouraged her clients to rethink their gender identity and norms of patriarchal domination. At BDSM sessions, she and her slaves read black feminist theory. Sometimes she forced them to write self-reflective essays based on the texts read. The film inadvertently became the last memory of Ms. Velvet, who passed away this March. 

After the screening we invite you to witness the web performance-confession of the Kyiv webcam model Dora. Dora will share with us her impressions on the film and talk openly about her own path in the profession, and how this experience has radically changed her. You can leave your questions for Dora on our Facebook page, and she will choose which ones to answer. The performance will be broadcasted on the Facebook page of the event.