What You will do when the War starts?

Film director :  Vladyslav Plisetskiy
Production : Dzherelo – Kosmina
World premiere (Czech Republic) :
Film will be premiered in MeetFactory 02.03.2023

33 min.

“Brave history by an anarchist & art-soldier Plisetskiy, from Ukraine, about unbreakable Kyiv Underground foudations.”

First missiles are falling on Kyiv, first sirens are singing and first video documentation shots are taken by the guardian angel of the Kyiv underground. In the moment of an absolute common tragedy on 24.02.2022 the brave anarchic-soldier Plisetskiy takes his  camera to defend the free spirit of his home-town and community.

There is no place for the tears when you are facing your enemy. Power of self-organization and usage of any tools available to defend humanity from the “Z – virus” are fundamental.

During  2022-23 Ukrainian community is on the battlefields, workshop-studios, clubs, galleries, underground stations … literally everywhere are doing their best to save all EU continent from a bloody dictatorship.

The world film premiere by Vladyslav Plisetskiy  will infect the viewer with the spirit of  resilience and give strength to survive this difficult battle-period that we are all going through together – “What You will do when the War starts?”.

Conceptual Trailer (2023)